Before I go…

I will be 4126 miles away from Saint Mary’s, my home away from home

Sevilla, Spain… A beautiful, ancient city in the South West of Spain, home to bullfights and the iconic sevillanas. A place that seems so far away from me, yet will be my home for the next 6 months. If you’re here, then you probably already know that I will spend my spring semester studying abroad in Sevilla. There, I will be taking 18 credit hours at the Universidad de Sevilla, and the Center for Cross-Cultural Studies, I’ll be living with a host family, and I’ll be fully immersed in this beautiful culture.

Plaza de España, Sevilla
Picture courtesy from Spanish Studies Abroad

I’m a Sophomore Sociology and Spanish Double Major at Saint Mary’s College in Notre Dame, Indiana. There, I have an amazing group of friends that are only a few doors away from me, and my parents although a plane ride away, are ALWAYS a phone call away when I need them. I am so excited and so thankful to have this once-in-a-life opportunity, but with every major change, there are always fears and concerns. 

Having so many amazing people at Saint Mary’s makes it so hard for me to say good bye, and makes me worry about going to Sevilla by myself. I know I will meet amazing people from all over the world there, but it’s the comfort I have in my friends that I will miss the most. Being used to being on the same time zone as my parents and being able to call them whenever I need them, will most definitely be an issue. Since our time zones will be different, it’s going be harder for me to be in contact with them WHENEVER I need them, because I doubt my mom would appreciate me calling her at 2 AM (eastern time) telling her about my literature homework.

My amazing SMC friends (miss you guys)

Despite my fears of being so far away from what I know, and I’m used to, I cannot wait to see what studying abroad has in store for me. Although Spanish is my first language and will make my transition easier, I am so excited to be academically challenged in this language. Taking literature, history, and sociology courses in Spanish is going to open my eyes to things I would’ve never imagined and is going to give me the chance to take classes that I wouldn’t be able to take in the US. It is my hope that this and traveling to different places will show me how different but amazing other cultures are. 

Through this blog, I hope to share all of my adventures, and even mishaps with all of you. 

January 17th can’t come soon enough!! See ya later Sevilla.

3 thoughts on “Before I go…

  1. Susi you will have an amazing time. It’s not as hard as you think talking with people in the states! With snap chat and FaceTime it didn’t feel as if Cass was sooo far away from me. I can’t wait to hear/read about your journey. God is with you all they say…I will still pray for you..much love and Merry Christmas! 💗Mrs Miller

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  2. Susi, con mucho amor estaré lista para ayudarte en tus deberes en Español! , aunque estoy segura tendrás mil herramientas a mano para hacerlas sin necesidad de mi ayuda🤓!
    Disfruta y estudia a la par que tienes talento para hacerlo!
    No olvides tener a Dios a tu lado y a la Virgen María en tus oraciones!

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