Primera semana de clases (Intensive period)

On Monday we started our “intensive period” classes, which is a two-week period in which we have a Spanish class on Mondays-Fridays from 9am-1pm. My class is a Spanish class for heritage speakers in which we focus on grammar and do lots of writing. The first week of February I will start my classes at the university of Sevilla and regular classes at the Center for Cross-Cultural Studies. Not only have I been getting used to the Sevillano way of life, but in the afternoons I have been able to explore some of the most known places in Sevilla.

Last weekend along with some friends I visited La Plaza de España, a beautiful plaza in a park in the center of Sevilla in which we were able to see multiple street performers, including flamenco dancers. The buildings in this plaza are absolutely stunning, and it amazes me to see how structures as big as these were built in the 1900s when the technology we have now wasn’t available.

La Plaza de España

This week the Center took us on two field trips, to Itálica and La Catedral de Sevilla. Itálica is a beautiful Roman city on the outside of Sevilla. This ancient city has an amphitheater, multiple houses, and statues that have been found and replicated. In some of the pictures you’ll see some original mosaics which have been preserved by the city, these were the floors of most of the rooms in the house and often portrayed Roman gods, animals or flowers. Fun fact: Some episodes of the popular TV show- Game of Thrones were filmed in the amphitheater

Today we visited la Catedral de Sevilla, the third largest cathedral in the world, and the biggest gothic cathedral in the world. One word to describe it: WOW. As I walked through the city I was able to see the outside of the building and thought it was beautiful, but going inside of it amazed me even more. The cathedral used to be a Muslim mosque, and after the Spaniards regained power over Sevilla turned it into a Catholic cathedral. On the inside, the cathedral has dozens of smaller chapels- some of them for private use of benefactors of the Cathedral. Each chapel is unique and has different elements which make it special in its own way. The Cathedral is also home to the body of Christopher Columbus and 2 of his children (pretty cool, right?). The Cathedral is also home to La Giralda, a 341 feet tall bell tower from which some of the most beautiful views of Sevilla can be appreciated.

Stay tuned as I discover more of the beautiful places Sevilla has to offer!! Ps: Also, I’ve figured out my way around the city and haven’t gotten lost again since my last 2-hour-walking-around adventure.

3 thoughts on “Primera semana de clases (Intensive period)

  1. Guau buen reportaje. Tienes suerte de visitar tan bella ciudad. Sigue informándonos acerca de esta maravillosa experiencia. Dios te bendiga siempre! Mamá !

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  2. Susi, qué linda experiencia vas a tener este semestre en Sevilla. Maravilloso tu reportaje de la primera semana. Me hiciste recordar cuando fuimos a la Expo de Sevilla en 1992 y visitamos la Catedral, La Giralda y el Parque María Luisa del que aun no has escrito. Te deseo mucha felicidad y la mejor de las suertes este semestre en Sevilla.

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