Roaming around in Rome

I’ve been so busy with the last couple weeks of school that I haven’t had time to write about my latest travels… so here is an overdue post about the Eternal city, Rome

Some of my best friends (Meghan and Deirdre) are studying abroad in Rome, Italy so it was only fitting that I went to visit them and see with my own eyes why they love Rome so much. It was so nice to see some familiar faces which I hadn’t seen since December, and it was great that we were able to pick up where we left off as if we hadn’t left each other. Since Meghan and Deirdre have been in Rome since January they know every corner of this beautiful city, which was good because I was able to see all the must-spots.

Piazza Navona

On Friday we woke up early and after having some coffee and pastries at the Trastevere (the neighborhood where their university and dorms are) we headed to a day full of exploring. We started by walking through Plazza Navona on our way to the Pantheon. Something that I liked about Rome was the big plazas and fountains throughout the city, these are places where people get together to hang out, or to eat at one of the restaurants around it.

We then got to the Pantheon, which was absolutely incredible. The Pantheon a former Roman temple, now serves as a church and my favorite part about it was that the way it is built allows for its dome to work as a natural clock. The sun comes in through a hole in the top of the dome and then reflects on the walls as if it was a clock!!

Then we headed to THE iconic, Trevi Fountain, huge Lizzie McCguire movie vibes!! I mean the fountain looks absolutely incredible in pictures and movies, but in real life it was breathtaking!!! The delicacy of the sculptures and the size of it amazed me, and of course I had to throw some coins in it to make sure I come back to Rome!!

As we made our way the Colosseum we stopped by the Imperial Forum, the ruins of several government buildings…

After some more walking, we finally made it to the Colosseum, and wow was it incredible…

On Saturday, we spent the entire day exploring the Vatican and all the museums, and saw one of my favorite places so far, the Sistine Chapel!! The Vatican overall was amazing, the paintings, sculptures, gardens and buildings were one of the most beautiful sights ever, and I was so so lucky that I was able to visit such a holy and historical place.

Not only are the historic sites in Rome beautiful, but the food is also one of a kind! As expected, I eat A LOT of pasta this weekend, and I must say it lived up to my expectations.

Technically, there were no pictures allowed during mass so this is all I was able to get.

On Sunday morning, I was able to live every catholic’s dream- go to mass at the Saint Peter’s basilica, and although I could barely understand what was being said at mass it was an incredible experience, and I am so thankful I was able to experience it.

After, we were able to see and hear Pope Francis’ Angelus- the Sunday prayer when the Pope speaks from his window, and wow was I a happy camper when I saw him!!

After, we climbed to the top of the Saint Peter’s dome where we got a view of the Saint Peter’s square as well as the inside of the dome and an overlook of the basilica.

Rome was an absolutely breathtaking city, there was always a sight to see and admire, so if you ever find yourself in Rome make sure you have your walking shoes on, because the long walks will be long and worth it!

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