Last day of exams & First set of goodbyes

I am a little behind on my writing and there’s a few posts in my drafts waiting to be finished and published, but today was my last exam at the Center and I thought it was only fitting that I wrote about it and how I am feeling.

After spending 4 months taking some classes that were unique to this program I was sad to know they were over, but last week as I left my last class it didn’t quite hit me that this amazing experience was coming to an end, because after all I will stay in Sevilla until June 1st to finish my class at the Universidad de Sevilla.

Today (May 15th) I took my last final at the Center for Intercultural Studies, the place that had become my home away from my (second) home. The place I would go to study, hang out with my friends, or even when I needed some alone time. It was there where I met some of the greatest friends I could’ve asked for, and where I learned things I would’ve never imagined learning.

After finishing my last exam today, the staff at the Center organized a “tapeo” for all the Spring semester students. A tapeo is a meal composed of small dishes that people share and in which you try different kinds of food. As I ate I started to realize that this would be the last time I saw this entire group of people and my professors all together, this was only the beginning of many goodbyes.

Elora, Caroline, Gracie, Gabby, me, Jared and Judith
My galpals: Caroline, Gracie, and Gabby

Most of my friends will be leaving tomorrow or in the next few days, because they’re either not in a University class or they were able to take their exam earlier so today will be the last time we get together to say our goodbyes. It is so weird how the people you meet in situations like these, and who you spend relatively short amounts of time with become some of the closest people to you, the bond you form with people you met abroad is unlike any other bond. You get thrown together in a new an unknown culture, with people, streets and a language you’re not familiar with and are supposed to figure it out all together, you travel the world together, you experience one-in-a-lifetime experiences with them and then all of a sudden you are expected to say goodbye and continue your lives far from each other.

Now, yes I am sad to say goodbye, but I am so thankful I was able to experience Sevilla with them, and for all the memories we made. There is truly no one else I could imagine sharing so much with and can’t wait until our paths cross again.

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