Gracias Sevilla

As I sit on the plane on my way to Madrid I can’t help but reminisce about my time in Sevilla, and although it makes me sad to say goodbye to the place that stole my heart and became my home for these past 5 months I am so incredibly thankful for every experience I had in this beautiful city.

Looking back to January, when I was getting ready to embark on this journey I remember being nervous and anxious about my decision (refer to my first post); I didn’t know what I was getting myself into, I didn’t know if I would get along with the host family I would be staying with, if I would make friends I would enjoy spending time with, and if I was going to like Sevilla. I remember crying to my mom and questioning if I had made the right choice on leaving Saint Mary’s, my friends and family for so long and venturing into the unknown by myself. As my time in Sevilla has come to an end, and I once again have tears in my eyes, I look back at everything and everyone that made my time here so enjoyable, and that made this experience one that I will never be able to forget.

One of my favorite flamenco songs says that “Sevilla tiene un color especial” (Sevilla has a special color) and there is no better way to put this city into words. Sevilla, as I have written before is incredibly beautiful, every street, every house, every church has something unique that makes you stop and stare for hours. There is so much to learn, see and do that I never got tired of wandering around, and that is one of the things I will miss the most: walking aimlessly through the streets, turning in random corners and finding sights I hadn’t seen before.

Just like their city, Sevillanos are also very special people, always willing to help and make you feel at home. Some of the most special people I met were my host family, who made me feel as one of their own very quick. From the moment I walked into my house I felt at home, it didn’t feel as if I was in a house with strangers, these people became family. Silvia and Juan Carlos (my host parents) made every effort to get to know me and guide me through my first days in the city, and as time went by, I started to get to know and interact with everyone in the family more and more. We would spend hours talking after dinner, or watching our favorite show- the Voice, I got to hear family stories, share birthdays and holidays with them, and I even got to help one of my host sisters study and pass her English exams. I became very close with them, and we got to consider each other real family, they helped make my experience in Sevilla even more amazing than it was, and I am forever thankful for that. As I said goodbye to them I couldn’t help but shed some tears, I will miss them greatly but I am also so thankful for my time with them and the bond we created, because as they said: I will always have a place to call home with them, and they will always have a place in my heart.

With the beautiful sights and the warmth of my host family, it didn’t take long for me to fall in love with Sevilla, its culture, and its people, and before I knew it Sevilla became a part of me. Taking my last strolls through the city was a bittersweet feeling, as I walked past the Cathedral one last time, a placed I walked through most days going to class, I started to feel tears roll down my face; I was sad because I didn’t know when I would see some of my favorite places again, but I was also very happy that I was able to call this beautiful city my home.

I leave Sevilla with the satisfaction of knowing that I made the most out of these past 5 months. I opened my heart to the city, to new customs, to new people and I learned from every experience I had. I will miss Sevilla a lot, but I know I have a place I can come back to relieve some of the best experiences I’ve had in my life so far, and call home. Thank you Sevilla for the laughs, the sights, and the memories and nos vemos pronto!

One thought on “Gracias Sevilla

  1. Susi que bella experiencia de Vida has podido tener.
    Gracias por hacernos parte al compartirnos estos momentos que engrandecen tu Vida.
    Nos sentimos muy felices también que hayas podido tener una experiencia Tan gratificante. Tanto aprendizaje. Sabemos que las personas perciben lo mismo que son capaces de dar. Tu Corazón debe ser muy grande , pues has recibido en grande.
    Gracias a esa familia que te hospedo y te hizo parte de ellos .
    Estamos locos de ganas por conocer esa bella Sevilla que tanto aprendiste a amar, sus calles, su gente su folclor y por supuesto sus joyas arquitectónicas.
    Felicitaciones Susi por esta fantástica experiencia .
    Con Amor Tía Clari


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