Ooh la la Paris

It was the first week of May when the flowers are supposed to be blooming, and the sun is supposed to be out, yet Paris had a little surprise in store for us… rain and even some snow were waiting for us in the City of Lights… Now I know what you’re all thinking because I thought it too: “snow in May? you’re lying”, well I wish I was but nope, I had a little reminder of South Bend’s bipolar weather being miles away from school.

I think Paris is one of the cities that every person has on their travel bucket list, it’s just one of those cities that is known for its beauty, and which hosts a large amount of art and history that fits the likes of every person. We were able to visit Paris for a weekend, and despite those 2 days and a half not being enough to see all of the city, we made the best out of it and I loved every minute of it.

We started our first day in the city by going up the Eiffel Tower, and wow it is as beautiful as I imagined!! As I mentioned before, this weekend was very very cold, and we were not prepared for that. As we got to the top of the tower not only was it raining, but it also started snowing… and I was so so cold, it was probably the coldest I’ve been in my entire life, but the view was absolutely worth it. You can see all of Paris from the top as well as appreciate the architecture and engineering of the tower.

After seeing the “main” attraction, we headed to some of the museums Paris is known for La Louvre and Museo d’Orsay. Needless to say that these places are full of masterpieces that make you want to stay at the museums for hours, appreciating every detail that seems impossible to create. A quick tip to any future student travelers: Most places of interest in Paris (except the Eiffel Tower) give free access to students of the European Union if you present your ID, so make sure to bring it with you!!

After a long and cold day, we took a bike tour through the city. With the amount of time, we had to explore Paris this was a great way to see most of the city, and although we couldn’t go inside the places we biked through we got to see and learn about all of them. The tour ended with a boat ride through the Seine river, which allowed us to appreciate the city from a different perspective at night.

Despite the weather, and short time we were able to spend in this beautiful city it was one of my favorite trips, and I cannot wait to go back and spend more time exploring everything Paris has to offer.

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