Do Not Touch: a picture series

After a couple of weeks of being in Sevilla I started to take pictures of my finger “touching” some of the monuments and places I saw and this quickly became a fun thing to do everywhere I went. As I was trying to clean up my phone and get rid of pictures I didn’t need anymore, I realized I should share some of these, and advice all of you to find something fun and unique to do at every place you visit!!

Prague: This was the only picture I took there
Cadiz, Spain
Palacio de San Ildefonso
Palacio De Aranjuez, Spain
Valley of the Fallen, Spain

Hope you all enjoyed these as much as I enjoyed taking these and visiting all these places!!

One thought on “Do Not Touch: a picture series

  1. Geniales fotografías, disfruto cada una como si fuera la primera vez.
    El dedito señalador: genial y eso que no lucía aun el anillo de Sts Marys!


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